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Revolution Creme Brulee 18 Eyeshadow Chocolate Palette

Revolution Creme Brulee 18 Eyeshadow Chocolate Palette

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Do you have room for dessert? Try our latest addition to the delicious Chocolate Palette menu, Crème Brûlée Shadow Palette. Serving up a scrumptious selection of 18 sugar and spice shades; straight out of our chocolate laboratory!


From rich oranges and delicious coppers, to a variety of chocolate browns and a pinch of deep purples, this palette will melt your creative ideas into makeup looks full of flavour.


To create the perfect Crème Brûlée look, start with transition shade Brûlée, add Vanilla Pod, mix with Yolk and Caramelized, finish with a touch of Custard.


Tuck into the rest of our Chocolate Palette assortment - but save some room for some more seriously delicious treats coming your way soon from I Heart Revolution.



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